About The Bastard


After fighting many years of alcohol abuse the bastard who writes this blog, aka David Roop, became sober on 04/05/2014. SoberBastard.com was started as a way to write about the difficulties of becoming sober and to lend advice to those in the first few phases of sobriety written in a style that is more easily relatable to younger alcoholics and addicts- something David felt was missing from sobriety literature.

David is twenty seven and currently resides in Tennessee, USA with his longtime girlfriend slash part-time editor- a fundamental support in his sobriety and the only reason he is not mocked for his poor grammar.

In the spirit of keeping all sobriety resources free to the public, SoberBastard.com has no ads or subscriptions. If you like the site and posts, please share with your friends, family or someone close to you who will benefit from this information.

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