A small reward of sobriety

There are many good reasons to beat your addiction. Winning the affection of your friends & family, earning the respect of your colleagues, and becoming a contributing member of society.  Your health almost always improves which usually leads to becoming better looking. Your sleeping improves which means you’re well rested but let’s be honest- now that you’re better looking you won’t be getting much sleep.

Awkward moment.

Once you are comfortable and confident in your ability to not drink there are few things as rewarding as the awkward moments you can make when someone politely offers you an alcoholic drink. It is a guilty pleasure of mine to always respond with “Very sensitive; offering a beer to an alcoholic.” Your victims face will always drop with a slight look of horror as the realization of the repercussions of their polite offer has had. Leave it awkward for a moment. Let it simmer. Let them stutter for a few seconds and politely respond “Just kidding, but I will take a coke”.


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