Don’t compare your behind the scenes footage with other people’s highlight reel.

It’s been months and months since my last Sober Bastard post. Truth be told, my personal life has become overwhelmingly busy. It’s been hard to sit down for a few hours undistracted to write out another post. Thanks to an email from Dawn A. stating “Where the #(%*! … Continue reading

5 Tips For Going To Parties Sober


With the holidays coming up parties are almost inevitable. You have friends throwing Halloween parties, huge Thanksgiving meals and Christmas get-togethers. All of these often having one thing in common- alcohol. As a newly sober person it is often quite difficult to be in an alcohol free zone … Continue reading

I lost the right.

Relapses happen. It is unfortunately one of the shitty things you will probably have to go through in order to hit your “rock bottom”. Relapses can happen to anyone for many different reasons, some even pretty stupid reasons. They do not discriminate; they do not care how powerful you … Continue reading

Capitalizing on a relapse using an index card

So you just relapsed. You feel shitty- both because of that massive hangover you’ve got and because of the overwhelming guilt. This could be one of the worst feelings you’ve ever felt in your whole life. All that hard work squandered over some stupid booze. So now either … Continue reading