A drinking alternative list

During early sobriety you are going to have a lot of surprising realizations come into your head. Today we are only talking about two. Firstly, as alcoholics we spend a lot of time drinking. I mean a LOT! Secondly, now that we are not drinking we have an incredible amount of free time and we are BORED! Holy hell will you be bored at first. It is quite astonishing how much time I spent drinking- especially those times I thought I was spread so thin.

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Now with my new-found free time I knew I had to come up with alternatives to drinking. Boredom can be a horrible (and lame) way to fall back into drinking. I was a person that would use alcohol to make something happen. This had to change. So on my fourth day of sobriety I sat down and made out a drinking alternative list. This became incredibly useful for me in those rough, bored times and also as I started living sober to keep me in check whenever I let monotony get to me.

So I am going to make this a short post and just recommend doing this yourself, either if you are thinking of getting sober, you’re newly sober or you are just a bored dude surfing the internet. I have found this list immensely helpful and always have the list easily in reach. I live in a small, podunk town in the southern USA so if I can come up with a sizeable list you can too! For reference, below are some of the things I have on my list:


  • Learn to cook new foods- preferably exotic
  • Improve Excel skill set
  • learn another language
  • Canoe
  • Hiking
  • Walk around park
  • Learn motorcycle maintenance
  • Potluck dinner with friends
  • NSO (local outdoor program)
  • Learn Guitar
  • Play hockey
  • Skydive
  • Camping
  • Travel/ Couchsurf
  • Khan Academy
  • Movies
  • Volunteer at animal shelter
  • Get CPR certified
  • Smoke cigars
  • Start a sobriety blog
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3 Responses to A drinking alternative list

  1. Paul says:

    We certainly do have a little bit more time on our hands when we put down the bottle, and also don’t have those mind-crushing and soul-squishing hangovers to deal with. I think we all kind of go through that phase early on when we are trying to figure out *what the hell to do* with ourselves! I did as well. I ate a lot of cookies, watched 70′s kung-fu movies and just went to meetings. And ate more cookies.

    It’s amazing to realize just how much time and effort we spent in our drinking, eh? Amazing, and frightening.

    Great list!!


  2. Renske says:

    Nice list and great post!! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  3. Al says:

    Go back to the dreams you set aside with “maturity”.
    Who were you, before you blurred it out with the detour of having an alcohol-sensitive brain?
    What gave you that rush? Obscure Art? Obscure Music? Obscure Science? Space? Frogs? Passport stamps?

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