Prepare for the unexpected: The Statue of David

There are many unexpected occurrences that happen during early sobriety but one in particular I could find very little literature on. And I find that appalling because it’s a very serious issue- one that can cause you much distress, restriction and obstructed happiness.   As described by one of my sobriety buddies:



“I’m having shits so hard you could carve the Statue of David out of it.”

  Okay, this post might have been more of a light-hearted joke than any real advice but there is somewhat of a convoluted point to it. I’m just having a hard time getting it out. Crickets In the early stages of sobriety your body is going to be going through what can best be described as a crazy balancing act. Your physical body (and oftentimes emotions) will be all over the map. It’s best to be prepared for it. You have been ingesting something for years and now your body no longer has it so it is trying to find the new balance. I always advise people to see a physician in early sobriety. They have a lot of knowledge about what active addicts are missing in their diet, what damage has been done and what steps need to be taken to fix it. They can oftentimes recommend vitamins and other medications to make sure your body is adjusting properly. If at any point you feel as if your body is not reacting the way it should- get your ass to an emergency room. It’s better to have a doctors’ bill and live than to have the money and not be able to spend it. And always remember to drink plenty of water. Your body is now missing plenty of liquids it was consuming on a daily basis. Heed my advice and the only time you’ll be seeing the Statue of David will be on vacation!

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