Addiction: One finicky bitch

I have never fully understood addiction and as far as I know it is a work in progress in the scientific community. What makes someone addicted to something? Obviously, there is a chemical dependency on the object of your negative affection but what makes one particular item so hard to say no to while others rarely register on your radar? Why is it that a brother can show no signs of alcoholism but his sister cannot get her addiction under control? Why can some people eat moderately while others have to over indulge to the point of having huge negative physical effects? Pun not intended.

One of the best examples I can think of deals with someone very close to me. Myself, I am clearly an alcoholic. But put marijuana in front of me and it might be months before I even think of touching it. It’s not that I even dislike marijuana- it just does not register on my radar. I can whole heartedly say that I am not addicted to pot.

On the flip side- take my close friend. He is the most respectable drinker I have ever seen. He has a rule for himself of three beers and he’s done. Only twice in my life have I seen him break this rule and it’s because I begged, pleaded and prodded him to keep drinking with me- as alcoholics do. In fact, he was a person I tried to model myself after when I was still drinking. He is just that responsible with alcohol. As much as I respect his handling of alcohol I would classify his marijuana use as an addiction and a problem. Only he can decide for himself if the negative effects outweigh the enjoyment he gets out of it- so I cannot honestly and respectably say he has an addiction or he does not. From my perspective- it is an object that he cannot simply say no to.


So why is it that I can so easily turn down marijuana yet one drink of alcohol would send me into a horrible downward spiral while on the other hand alcohol so rarely means anything to him more than a tasty beverage yet marijuana is something he needs to consume on a near daily basis? Why do men continue to date Tailor Swift? Who knows.

But I guess in the end it doesn’t matter why we have an addiction to some things or other things. The point is that if you have an addiction you need to take care of it.


As a side note- just because I know that I can responsibly handle marijuana does not mean I do so. For me, it opens up the possibility that I might make a horrible choice (i.e. drinking) while under the influence. It’s just not a risk I want to take and it’s easy to not miss it in my life as it is an object I am not addicted to nor obsess about. It is a void in my life that is easily filled or even noticed.


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3 Responses to Addiction: One finicky bitch

  1. ExiledBrazilian says:

    Hey man. I’m redditor guy of some time ago,
    You take too long to make new posts.
    You are a amazing in do it.
    I hope soon you make a periodic time (every wednesday, for example) to post your texts.
    Keep strong. Peace.

    ps.: Sorry bad English.

    • TheBastard says:

      Working on getting more posts out there. Was in the middle of a move and unfortunately the site could not get updated as fast as I wished. Starting today a post will be made every Monday & Thursday!

  2. I’m with you, Exiled Brazilian–this blog has potential but it needs more content! Another great post, SB!

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