Quality of life after sobriety.

There are many benefits to becoming sober, many of which drastically improve your quality of life. In my life I like to put a “quality of life” value on things in a wide variety of situations. For instance, a nicer toothbrush is quite a bit more expensive but gives better results in dental health- thus improving quality of life. Kind of unfortunate to say but most improvements to quality of life have a monetary value. A nicer bed usually means better sleep. Nicer, more expensive shoes usually means your feet are more comfortable. From what I understand this is the complete opposite for women.

Improve Your Quality of Life Money Check Spend Enjoy Income

With sobriety there are many improvements to quality of life. Firstly, you save money. More money is always nicer. Dolla Dolla Bill Ya’ll. You also think clearer, sleep better and can jump higher. In general, people who become sober lose a good amount of weight. Your caloric intake is more in balance and you become much healthier. Your liver is also singing your praises. When I got sober I lost about 23 lbs. in three months. I’m going to be honest, I didn’t think it was possible but I got much, much sexier. That was a huge improvement to my quality of life. There was, however, no fluctuation in my modesty.

But the one thing that has been the greatest improvement to my quality of life since my breakup with drinking has been the way in which people treat me. I am now more respected among my peers; looked at in the eyes and asked about my opinions. I am treated how I always wished to be- a respected individual. I’m treated as though I am dependable and someone who can be asked for a favor- because for so many years I was not.

My girlfriend, around my first 6 months of sobriety, said to me “You are now the person that I knew you could be”. There are few things that can keep you as motivated as that. But she is not the only one. My parents have repeatedly told me about the pride they now have for me. They were always proud of me to an extent, but now their pride comes from my achievements and not because it is one of the default feelings you have for a child. My boss, who essentially fired me for problems that arose from my drinking and later rehired me after 7 months of consistent sobriety, has even said “You are awesome to be around sober but you were completely horrible to be around drunk.” The respect he gives me now is as if I am a completely different employee to him than the guy he first hired. Because I am.


So for those who are looking for a reason to become sober, for those who are struggling in their first few weeks or months, for those that are struggling close to a big milestone just remember the benefits that sobriety will bring to your life. Remember that without effort and struggle you cannot make your life better. The short term struggle will give you lasting results. These results will drastically improve your quality of life.

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