Tips & Tricks: Celebrate the small victories

Let’s be honest. Sobriety is tough as shit in the beginning. It fucking sucks your first few weeks. And it sucks only slightly less the following few weeks. As the saying goes: it gets worse before it gets better. That statement is never as true as it is to quitting an addiction. However, it does get better and it gets much, much better.



A trick I learned once sobriety stuck was to celebrate the small victories. In sobriety, there are no small victories. In fact, it is the “smallest” of victories that are usually the hardest. Your first day is usually harder than your 1000th day. Your first 24 hours seems longer than your first 24 days. I remember being on my ninth day of sobriety and feeling overwhelmingly depressed that I was only 10% to 90 days. Those 9 days seemed longer to me than most of the relationships I have had in my life. Then on my 90th day as I reflected on the past 3 months it had all seemed to go by so fast. I thought “shit, another 90 days will be just around the corner.”

But in the beginning time goes so slow. And it’s important to celebrate every victory you have- no matter how small. As they say: take it one day at a time. Shit, in the beginning you nearly have to take it one hour at a time. But at least celebrate within yourself that you made it that hour. Each hour I was sober was better than the hours I would have spent trying to put my life back together because I had been some sloppy drunk bastard the night before. But shit, were those were some hard hours.

Celebrating those victories made every accomplishment, no matter how small or presumably inconsequential at the time, worth it.

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